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Welcome to the new BLOG!! Teach Me LeeLee (LeeLee is a childhood nickname) is a series of blog posts and video content dedicated to teaching you the art of self-care, easy DIY (do it yourself) beauty routines and showcasing more #behindthebrand content. 


If you aren't aware, I'm Alece Coleman, Head Soap Maker and Self-Care maven of Spi-Ritual LLC. Self-Care is indeed a RITUAL. I created this company as a passion project and to drive the message that self-care isn't for special occasions. It's for living in this moment, RIGHT NOW.
Our first video will be published on Instagram @hellospiritualco on May 31st. You can expect weekly blogs and monthly video content. I'd love to discover what you would be interested in seeing. Do you want easy beauty routines? Product development? More of my life as a married mom to three small kids? Logistics? Let me know and I'll include more of that. Comment directly on this post to give your feedback.
Thank you for investing in YOU and me. We're worth it.
Check in on me sometime!
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