Top 5 Benefits of Elderberry

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It's THAT season, where throat tickles, sneezes, coughs and viruses are all among us. Elderberry is the anecdote that can help you get well and stay well in a variety of settings.

Elderberries are one of the oldest natural defenses against sickness and treating upper respiratory infections. It's generally safe (although anyone can experience a reaction) and relatively easy to consume. 

1. Elderberry can substantially reduce upper respiratory infections

2. Numerous studies have shown its ability to shorten the duration and severity of cold and flu symptoms 

3. Boosts the immune system by regulating cytokines (cytokines regulate inflammation in the body decreasing the likelihood of developing disease)

4. Contains antioxidants that fight allergens and pathogens

5. Contains anti-viral properties that fight infection

I am so thrilled to be introducing Spi-Ritual Wellness and our first product the ElderWELL Organic Elderberry Syrup. Like all of my products this was lovingly handcrafted and made to support my family and now yours.

Our Organic Elderberry Syrup will be available in the shop on Friday 12/3/21.

Cheers to staying healthy and happy!


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